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Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Beaver Lake in Marble, Colorado [1800x1195][oc]
Potentially the best answer my daughter has ever given on a worksheet
Northern lights in Lofoten (Norway) [OC] [1800x1188]
Zion changed my life. My first time seeing stars out West. Zion NP, USA [OC] [6016x4016]
This spectacular waterfall is flowing and carving its way through the rock face - St Nectans Glen UK [oc] [2655x4331]
Napali coast, Kaua'i Hawaii (oc) (1690x1200)
Sunrise at Logan pass, MT [6000x4000] [OC]
The Progression of the Ears
I was always scared of dogs - well, until I met him some months ago.
Wabi sabi penthouse apartment | Kyiv, Ukraine [1660 x 935]
Autumn in the Catskills from Giant's Ledge [OC][3000x2000]
Dad's shop cat had kittens. This one keeps following him. He keeps texting me for advice and what I think it wants.
This should work
For real though..
I see your white paper-eye bird... heres my and my dogs take on this
This area is a designated cat-lounging space. Please go around.
I’ll have the soup and salad, please...
Come play with me!
Little-known gem on the way to the Chasm viewing bridge, Fiordland, NZ [OC][7300x5500]
Fresh mountain water - Norway [OC] [1000x1500]
I got the modeling job! I'm gonna be a model!
Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park [1762x1157][oc]
Glencoe, Scotland, UK [OC] [3000x2000]
I thought there was a severed finger in my fruit bowl. It was just some ginger.
Saint Mary Lake,Montana,USA[OC][2400×1600]
The farm cat does this everytime I'm around
My bosses dogs like to come into the tractor even though there’s not a lot of room
One of my first shots with the stars and Old Faithful makes it memorable. Yellowstone NP, USA [OC] [1600 x 1067] IG: milesformoments
You've been blessed by the heckin' comfy boi
For my birthday I give you one of the sweetest photos I’ve taken!
Get outta here high beamers
A friend of mine had this owl family staying in his barn.
Austrian Alps [1352 x 902][OC]
They grow up so fast
Posted this in r/pics last night, and was told to post here. I captured this moment while sailing in Greenland a few weeks ago. [3258x4887][OC]
Kalambaka, Greece [OC] [4032x3024]
See? That's what I was talking about
Today at Johnston Creek, AB, Canada [2724*4101] [OC]
Do you even accessorize bro?
A Nice Little Scene of a Fallen Tree and Flowers in The Indian Peaks Wilderness in CO [4190x3358][OC]
Fresh roses from the market inspired a massive room clean and Hamptons style makeover! [4032x3024]
Uhhh... you may wanna double check that
This foggy valley caught my eye. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. [OC][4096x2720]
Spinning Sammie!
Local city sign with a bit of humour
The Library inside Rijks Museum, Amsterdam [8688x5680]
The Sleeping Giant | Mount St Helens Under the Milky Way | IG: @john_cavassa [2066 x 1978][OC]