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Well I think the sky is broken/needs resetting or something. Rotoroa Island, New Zealand [OC] [5312x2988]
Our wolf hybrid gave birth to 6 gorgeous puppies. She's a first-time mama today.
(somewhat) deep into the forests of Oregon lies Toketee Falls, one of the many blue-colored waterfalls in the state. [3780x4725] [OC]
Double Height Living /Dining Room with Fireplace
The cutest smile I've ever seen. He is my cousin's dog, but I wish he was mine.
Hope this helps brightens your day
Yosemite, CAL. My first actual post too. (: [5152x2856][OC]
Pedra Furada, Morro da Igreja, SC, Brazil[1024x683][OS]
Saved this tiny frog from the ride on mower
As far as I can see in Colorado [OC][1600x1067]
Bathroom at MSP Airport
This dog lives beside my sister's school, he drops by and waits patiently for the kids to pet him...
Open kitchen with spacious living space Hamptons, New York [OC][2880 × 1610]
I thought they were announcing the death of their child.
The future is now
View from Observation Point, Zion National Park (OC) [3006x5344]
November can be colorful too. Did some sit-ups to keep myself warm while waiting for this light. Norway [OC] [1200x1800]
Could not sleep so I walked up to the lake. Landmannalaugar, Iceland. 3968x2976p [OC]
A bathroom with a view of downtown Boston, this home located in the hills of Framingham, Massachusetts. On the market for ~$2.5millon. [517x343]
Yosemite Valley, On the Four mile trail. Beautiful but doesn't do it justice! [OC][5312x2988]
Living Room with a library Loft and a View of Aspen. This one's listed for $27.8million. [1069x768]
Stars above Crater Lake (OR) on a clear night (OC)[2000x1600] @rosssvhphoto
[OC][4000x4000] Some rocks, sand, and a puddle at Cape Alava on the Washington Coast.
The light after the storm, Delaware River, Bucks County, PA [OC][3264x2488]
Surrendered to shelter, couldn't handle those ears?
Hidden waterfalls, Bali, Indonesia [OC] [5989 × 3982]
Caught her trapped in my chicken coop! Reddit, meet my new cat, Kiki.
[4032x3024] Huka Falls, NZ
We're going to spend most of November in a camper in the mountains of North Carolina so we had to make Axle some winter jammies
Our perfect little puppy
Small Contemporary Living Room[2400x1600][OC]
Trying to eat mozzarella sticks, it's not for everyone.
Rustic living room, with Edwardian features London UK [5472x3648] [OC]
This is what she does whenever I'm getting ready for the day with my wife.
If you're interested in Chinese paintings, you'll see where the inspiration comes from if you visit Huang Shan - Anhui, China [OC] [2155x1860]
Happy Thanksgiving
Double-height sitting area near the main stairwell in this home located in Portland, Oregon. [2000 × 1930]
Moved to Arizona not long ago and am still amazed that views like this are only 15 minutes outside of downtown. Mesa, AZ [OC] [3422 x 2323]
Spacious kitchen in a converted barn in Weston, MA [1200x818]
Finally finished the Christmas decorations!
Crimson lake in Bolivia (Laguna Colorada, Uyuni) - [OC] [1920x1483]
There are two dogs in this picture.
Working at 6am can have its perks! Sunrise featuring Cascade mountain, Banff Alberta. (OC)(3080x2756)
My dog enjoying the new painting we brought home. He’s been staring for the past 5 minutes.
Washed out road near Mt Hood, Oregon [OC][2137x1932]
Oh my god, my heart.
Rocky Creek Canyon, New South Wales, Australia. By Dylan Toh [2048 x 1365]
Reflections at Goat Lake in Granite Falls, Washington [OC] [6497x4168]
Sometimes I think western Washington is like being in an HD Skyrim mod. Tolmie Peak in Rainier National Park [OC] [6000x4000]
My fiance took this pic that makes the cat look like he's made out of a head and just one massive arm.